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Arboretum Smartphone Class Ends with Grand Finale!

Photo by Debby K edited with Snapseed

Over a month long period from January 26- February 23,  ten adult students from novice to pro photographer spent time outdoors walking the grounds of the The Arnold Arboretum shooting-- sometimes solo, in pairs or en masse-- thinking about what we had just learned in class in the Hunnewell Building. For example, the rule of the thirds, the importance of light, timing, lines, repetition, reflection, moving position, foreground interest, framing and more. Many practiced their techniques over the month and became Arboretum walkers and Smartphone photographers straight shooters with no additional equipment and Snapseed as their primary editing tool.  https://my.arboretum.harvard.e...

The end result: some great photos that I want to share with you.

Besides Debby's Heaven's gate (above), we have an image from Michael Z who chased the snow, the sunrises and all the best moments over the month; he was relentless in his shooting.

John M went every morning at 6:30 Am to catch the sunrise with his dog. What dedication.

Irene loves to shoot in the daytime when there are lots of people out and about and she can include them in her images.

Don't forget the Instructor, Nancy Katz who loves to put on her yellow rubber boots and hike in the snow to shoot scenics like Arboretum Wilderness, iphoneX with Snapseed.

Nancy Katz 2019

How do you like Mike Z's Witch Hazel?

and Peter K's Cloud Concert...all so creative.